Parent Support

Parent support and coaching is provided using attachment and therapeutic parenting principles including PACE  (Dan Hughes) and The Circle of Security (Hoffman, Cooper & Powell).

A key focus is on building resilience and a sense of competency in your skills as a parent. This often starts with recognising the need to put your own oxygen mask on first and understanding how you were parented. This may involve learning to address and heal your own childhood traumas so they are not imposed on your children.  

In creating a safe and secure physical and emotional environment for your family, it is vital to be skilful in managing your regulatory system and have a range of self-soothing strategies. This acts as a mirror for your child and will resonate with their nervous system. 

When you feel supported and confident in your ability to hold your own emotions and triggers, you have greater capacity to hold your child's discomfort and dysregulation.

Online sessions via Skype or Zoom available.


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"Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I need it the most"  Anonymous